Burrito Masala

Indian Mexican Fusion Cuisine

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Burrito Masala will be a food cart located in downtown Portland, OR that specializes in delicious southern Indian (Kerala) and Mexican foods… stuffed in a flour tortilla! Diners can also opt to go gluten free with our bowl options. We’re run by a husband and wife team (James Beard award-winning chefs Prasad Varma and Ramona Varma-Hernandez).

We hope to stand out from the crowd. We’re shamelessly stealing the Chipotle/Subway business model of allowing diners to assemble their own meals but with a twist. We know that the interactivity of the experience will appeal to some diners but perhaps not all. Additionally, our burritos are going to be HUGE. It’s possible that someone will not be able to finish one of our burritos in one sitting.


Start by choosing a burrito or bowl. Fill it with one meat or veggie option, one rice option, and all the condiments you want!

Visit Us

Corner of SW 3rd & Alder in Downtown Portland

503-555-5555 503-555-5555

Call or text to order ahead of time and have your meal waiting when you arrive.

Open Daily 11:00 am - 7:00 pm